Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Talking Car - Car can talk too

Imagine if your car could talk to you about the best route to take avoid rush-hour traffic or tell you where's the next petrol pump.

Your imagination could soon become a reality, thanks to scientists who claim to be developing such a "talking car" with the world's most advanced in-vehicle voice communication system, the Daily Mail reported. In fact, the "talking car" will hit British roads next year and the system would be available in one of the country's biggest-selling cars, the Ford Focus.

The makers of the system, called Sync, claim drivers will be able to use it to ask such age old questions like - "Where's the nearest petrol station?" or "Can I go to the toilet?" or "Are we nearly there yet?"

In all, Ford says its voice-operated technology will be able to master 10,000 commands in 19 languages, allowing motorists to control audio, telephone and satnav systems as well as accessing information about the surrounding area.

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