Friday, January 28, 2011

Another jolt to Microsoft

It seems that Microsoft is suffering from their bad times. Microsoft got another jolt and this time, according to reports, is Alek Kolcz, Principal Scientist at Microsoft's search engine Bing. 

Even though there is no official confirmation, according to a report by, Kolcz appears to have left the company and joined Twitter.

According to, Kolcz spent nearly five years at Microsoft after leaving AOL where he was a system architect and he is the 8th former Microsoft employee at Twitter, which has at 362-people strong workforce.

Though Kolcz has not changed his profile anywhere, his name figures in the employee list of Twitter. However, his Twitter account,,  is protected and it is not accessible to general users.

In the recent times, many people had left Microsoft. In the last 15 months alone, the company has lost chief software architect Ray Ozzie, office unit head Stephen Elop, entertainment, devices unit head Robbie Bach, chief financial officer Chris Liddell and server unit head Bob Muglia.

What is your view on this matter, why people are so eager to leave microsoft. Is it really a big concern for Microsoft?? Don't shy to comment. ;)

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